Raising your relative's children
makes you amazing!


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Welcome to Kinship Navigator of Central Virginia

If you are caring for the child of a family member, then YOU are a kinship caregiver

These children aren’t your sons and daughters, but events led them to you and now they are yours to love, provide for, and keep safe during this period of their lives. Saying “yes” gives them a chance to be raised in love.

Kinship Caregivers are diverse. Some work with Human Services as foster parents, some have court agreements, and some are just doing their best. No matter the circumstances, kinship caregivers provide full-time care to a child-relative not born to them.

You have answered the call in 1 Timothy 5:8 to provide for your family.

Kinship caregivers have answered the call in 1 Timothy 5:8 to provide for family. These men, women, and families have said “yes” to keeping children safe, provided for, and loved—often preventing them from going “into the system” or growing up there.

Understanding one child's story of their journey into kinship care